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Mr Israel Ambassador. Is some Jews simple racists?

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Mr Israel Ambassador. Is some Jews simple racists?

As a spokesman for Israel and as Your Priminister Netanyahu has said about Arabs. We could all hear and see how You responded to the Swedish reporter Helena Groll on how the possibility that Jews themselves might be responsible for the horrible situation that Palestinians suffer. Well we know from then how upset You got, but now that we can conclude that neither You or Mr Netanyahu is like every other Jew… but merely as thick as every other racist. A racist can also claim he is a Jew.. That is not surprising. A Swedish citizen can be a simple racist. The odd thing comes with the statement that this people get offended when asked about their racism.. We have a political party in Sweden claiming they are more Swedish than everybody else living in Sweden. Well we can surely see where their got the convincing position.. So right-wing extremism in Sweden and and members of Israel own right-wing-dings have much in common.. Well we can understand how survivors of the holocaust, living in Israel, protesting against the violence on Palestinians. Protesting against being the excuse for violence and horror on Palestinians, suffer from terror of their own Government and Police.. This is how extremism, fascism act and performs..

Well I guess that the terror we see expand and scaring people is going to make Mr Netanyahu happy cause then he will get more voters in HIS racist view of a country and its citizens. This being a rumour for some time, now seams established and true by Mr Netanyahu himself.. So if we apply Qui Bono on the escalating violence, threats and killings then the end of the rope is in his hands… I wonder how anybody can not repel the fact that You and Your unjewish Likud-friends  has chosen to give medals to former and dead members the terrorist organisation Lehi or Stern, as the British not so surprising chose to name the terrormembers aim and will. The English Dictonary spots the name game’s true and revealing facts.

adjective, sterner, sternest.

firm, strict, or uncompromising:

stern discipline.

hard, harsh, or severe:

a stern reprimand.

rigorous or austere; of an unpleasantly serious character:

stern times.

grim or forbidding in aspect:

a stern face.
Well there is no harm in linking to what is known about and how these terrorists worked…
So why Mr Netanyahu would we believe in your excuses? Have You seen US medaling the murders of millions of Native Indians?
Swedish readers will find this info quite revealing. Read the part about ”Judiska bomber för ökad utvandring av Iraks judar”.
Read more about that terror in the name of and pro Israel here. Confessed and revealed by the arrest of Yehudah Tajjar.
So how can we not conclude how the Paris terror attacks and others not was a false flag?
Netanyahu and his likes gives Israel a bad name and a disgrace..

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