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Hillary Rodham Clinton went to Damascus.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton went to Damascus.

The demands were the same you would imagine other countries surrounding Israel has been forced to accept.

1 Do not Support Hezbolla!
2 Do not Support the Palestinian cause!
3 End all relations with Iran!
4 Allow the Muslim Brotherhood to be in the Syrian Government!
5 Peace with Israel!
Bashir Al Assad did not accept those regulations.
Well, added to that, the pipeline from Qatar to the European market made a criminal spell to the pressure Assad got under.
Remember the coup against Mosaddegh in 53?  A pattern followed for decades and for you to understand the implications of.
It does not take much effort to understand that Egypt long ago made the 5 point deal. For 30 years women had to cover themselves in Egypt. Put that in perspective to what happened in Iran.
That is why they got their so called Arabic Spring revolution. To trap a growing opposition in Egypt and smear them and it.The one with raping, abusing of women aso…? So your doubts about the bad force does not lack any imagination.. So the resists get the food for their small brains and ordinary people would not protest against the military and harsh interventions. You know how a false flag work. Nothing is what it seems. It can not be, because you wouldn’t believe the truth when you got outside your own small box..
The Iranian ”revolution” after the Shaw of Iran. Khomeini who was CIA asset in the coup against Mosaddegh suddenly many years later appear as a religious Ayatollah monster that nobody in Iran recognized. So when CIA organize their revolutions you know there is going to be killings and it surely mastered Iran. Look how strange an occupation of the American Embassy seems to be, that lasted so long during Carters presidency. In which the release of the hostages was halted until Reagan had gone into the Presidential office.. When a president is going to be politically devoured they stop at nothing.. Carter has not stopped to criticize Israel at all. Apartheid he calls it and that seems to be the truth by the look of the Zionist agenda..

The fact that US/UK really had plans for Syria was a secret.

A secular country in peace like Syria needs a payed revolution armed with snipers that shot the police and some demonstrators to get to ball rolling and let the false music begin. You saw it in Venezuela, in Libya, in Syria and still does not get it. ”The same procedure as every year James” fucks your eyes in front of your brain.

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