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EAW – Rubber Bullits?

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Rubber Bullits? A constitutional rape has been conducted on the bases of a stretched case. Only in Sweden, a condom found two weeks after the alleged rape accusations, lacks dna from either parts.

A no sex condom as evidence claimed to been ”ripped apart in anger” has been the bottom low ground in a legal investigation that never ended. A roar from alleged wictims during a fake prosecution that never got started is the music that we the people have been bombarded with. For not the first time in history a prosecutor has done nothing to end this victims pain and finish a case that was restored from a waste-bag.

Never before has a almost empty and stunningly odd proof went to rape charges ending in an EAW. It is a miracle how master politics and mis justice tangles in love for one another. Black end white, apart heid sucks the guts out of the people, to state that war, crime is our best business.. We stop at nothing! To stop people from messing with our messages!

”Collateral damage” is when the victims is misused to  fake a prosecution that will never advance to Court or ending in a dropped case.

In every other accusation, suspicion a prosecutor fulfils the obligations to interrogate an accused person, even for worse crimes, but not this one.

When a prosecutor are sure to never ever have to show the vague proof of an alleged crime because an extradition to another country is already made, anything is and has been possible.

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