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Stay Behind

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Stay behind

Now that I have seen 50 shades of Grey and finding it not that exciting at all. Well we all need to get whipped and made submissive that is for sure, as everybody else.  All the weaponry is for peace.. How are we else going to understand that NATO is the best choice? We need to get spanked and threatened to understand the better good. It is that simple.. It has cost us some victims in the military through the years but a cold war needed some heat and it was from our masters perspective worth it. Well, all the money. We all know by now that the name of the game was a lie. So our master stayed behind, stay behind and will stay behind.. Ready to whip our backseat och surely help us make the right connections.. Pain and pleasure. Oh God is it really true?  Then we could all end up excited and truthfull to our masters will..

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