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..and they repeat it over and over again.

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..and they repeat it over and over again….

That they don’t want to know. That they buy every thing, every beaten pig in the sack, just for the sake of it. The principle to go on hating anything and everyone if so demanded. How Talibanesish. Never ask questions or make it clear where their aim is at. They do it in Sweden to, making it clear that they do not know what a commie is. People are so stupid that they claim their right to buy and  eat ”negerboll” and this group of idiots claim that they will to their teeth defend the Swedish culture! They will also defend free of speach (yttrandefriheten), You just open Your mouth and there it is. So overwhelmingly true. You can puke freely over anybody and shit their mailbox full of your best expressions.. Well you know if we ever needed the clowns to do that we will send them in. A mockery is a mockery even if a million people states it is not. The masspsychosis is smitten by a straight forwarded  nullified big tank, going nowhere and waiting for hint on what to do….

The ”Swedish culture” in it’s beast, is the most foreign thing we have here. Inspired by Apartheid, ”good owld” Racism, hatred, McCarthyism and pure plain stupidity it is a ”whole lotta crap” lacking all the love. You do not need a zeppelin to see the dark horizon. Why shouldn’t that be a good thing? A good thing is known to be done by many, so there’s the concrete sign formed in a practical horse-pill. If you don’t swallow it and let it digest itself, you’ll soon be a domed coward for not trusting the mass of induction, masses of seduction, the selffullfilling, the selfinflicted, the marinated, the more’s than the marrier’s….

Yes, we are ”the beauty and the beast” and can’s all stupidity that is possible and feed our kids in any manner so they don’t get caught by the ugly trolls from the woods. We are gardening the Swedish culture with all the beer can’s we can empty every weekend.  We leave our sign of confidence in every ditch that a road can find. We are ready to even puke our manners for everyone too see, just to prove our inner secrets is floating live not something dead or reinforced concrete. We can see black n white , ”enöff is enöff”  so to speak a guttural from the bottom of the tongue with it root armed steadily to the ass..

. . .

Hear the big quire. In Swedish a choir ”korus” ”kör”. That horned thing you all ways get milk from.


”We are the word” and not the commies.

We are the wild, and not the dummies.

We have read the book on how the brighter sway.

We eat the commies hearts and call it given.

Let’s rejoice McCarty’s fakeing.

We’re saving our own lives.

It is blue the thought ”all meat is hey”

Just wait and see.


Send them your ear so they’ll know that someone hears

And their lives will be gloat and glee

As god has shown us by trowing stones to heads

So we all must lend a helping hand


Chorus = Korus, that peaking horny thing u call drive. ”Kör” in Swedish


When you’re clown and out, there’s no beams or greed at all

But if you just receive there’s no pay we can recall

Let US realize that a change can ever come

When a few stand together as one


Chorus infinity.


We are the sword, we kill the children

We hired drones to make a brighter day

So lets start flashing

There’s a choice we’re making

We’re saving our own lives

Its true we’ll make a better day

Not you, but me


We are the hurd, we hit the children

We are the guns for hire who washes sins away

So lets start bidding

There’s a choir we’re making

We’re praising our own style

Its true we’ll make a better day

Just me not you


We are the word, entitled hidden

We sell the fire, buy the killers, guns  for hire

So lets fill the stupid

the useful idiots sing n dance

taking every chance

hitting chanting every empty barrel

just open it and see


© castoropollux 20121014

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